Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tiger in the Cage

Que bueno! Nothing has really happen here it’s been pretty boring. Other than my companion getting sick Wednesday night. So when we got home he went straight to bed.. He ended up coming down with a Fever. So we didn’t leave the next day (Thursday) because he didn’t look good at all. But we left the next night to go to work he was scared that if he would walk in the sun it would come back to haunt him or just make everything worse. But we got two cita's in!! YEAH ha it is always much more fun out on the streets proselyting than in the house!! I thought hey this is kind of nice to stay in the house then an hour went by.. I thought wow this sucks!! I wish I could put my companion in a stroller and push him around to all the cita's! Anyways we ended up leaving everyday for the rest of the week at like 5 pm because he says he is super tired and doesn’t have strength.. So he just slept most of the days. 
We did have a lesson with a girl named Vanessa and she is super cool!! But she keeps losing the folletos dique right after we leave she will lose them. I think her mom takes them and reads them.. We decided to give her one more chance to read the folleto and I almost charged her 25 pesos for the printing and delivery.. ha she is 18 and she is a Evangelico goes to church whenever they have church which is usually Monday, Tuesdays and Sundays. I feel like she has a lot of potential to be a member of the church. She has a lot of interest in our church. She has visited it before but she didn’t like it because she liked how her church does things. Which is when they pray they stand up and dance and scream. I don’t get it but that is easy to change here! One rule for the Evangelico church is that guys always need to wear slacks and girls need to wear skirts or dresses that go past their knees. So the last two times we have gone over to her house she has a dress on. So that tells us a little that she follows the rules. We asked her if she could come to church with us this Sunday. She said that she would have to ask her pastor if she can go to another church.. I dont know what that means but we didn’t see her yesterday so I am guessing that her pastor said no to her because he knows that when they go to our church they get converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ or to the Dominicans Mormonies... Dominicans don’t think we are Christians they think Mormon is a different religion.. ha kind of funny. 
We also watched The Restoration video with an investigator family. We have been teaching them for 3 months they have had all the lessons and they read in the Book of Mormon. But the husband likes to defend all Churches and thinks they all are true. He also thinks once Joseph Smith got the Priesthood he just started handing out the Priesthood of God. But once we watched this I think his mind changed because everyone wanted to kill Joseph Smith and not want his Priesthood and they eventually killed him. I think his mind changed we didn’t have time to really talk with them because it was 9:10 and we are suppose to be in the house at 9 so we left them thinking about it and we have another cita with them on Tuesday to answer all their questions. Because I know there are some! haha there are always questions..
Well that was kind of my week a little boring because I have been cooped up in the house!! I was like a Tiger in his cage ready to get out and attack people... ha but attack them with the word of God!! ha I hope all is going good and have a great week!!! 

Elder Medrano

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