Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Well this week there were a lot of changes! One of the missionaries that live in our home finished up his two years and went home last Sunday.  We were put into a three some. We thought that we were going to stay like this for the rest of the transfer because there are only 2 weeks left before next transfers. But we got a call Thursday night at 10:45 it woke us up and it was the AP's calling for Elder Hope (my companion). They asked if we were in a three some he said yes, the AP said okay dont worry because you are leaving your area and going to a new area. And to be ready all packed at 8:00 in the morning and we will pick you up. I thought for sure that he was going to start to cry because your first area in your mission is usually the hardest to leave.. ha but he didnt cry luckily.. haha He didnt have any time to say goodbye, and that sucks big time not being able to say goodbye to your investigators and members. After he left that just left just two of us in the area, Elder Wassum and myself.  Elder Wassum served in another area close to ours, now we have a HUGE area and a TON of investigators to teach.. ha 
 We had a baptism on Saturday which was really cool. I was the one that got to preform the baptism. I usually dont like to because I try to push them to choose a member to baptize them because they will have a relationship” with someone in the ward. But Manuel asked me to baptize him.  I always give them the choice to whom they want to be baptized by.. Anyways it was super cool and really spiritual!! I could feel the spirit really strong and he even started to cry which is really cool! Because then I knew that he could feel the spirit too..I’ll even admit I cried a little bit... ha He was super happy about being a member now!! He told me that he has been wanting to be member for awhile!  After he was baptized and while we were changing I told him, now that was the first goal. Then I asked him if he knew what the second goal was..... He said no, what is the second goal?”.. I told him getting to the Temple that is the real goal.. We have taught him about the temple a little bit but not much. He asked me what do you do in the temple. I told him you make more covenants with God and have more responsibilities but with all this comes more blessings.. He said when can I go to the Temple I told him in 1 year you can go he said okay... We went by his place yesterday and we got talking about the Temple again and he told me “I have been thinking about what you said and I want to learn more about the Temple and I want to go there some day!!! I just love this guy! ha I am so glad he is a member of the church and doing the best things for him! 
 Well I am doing great still trying to work hard! Next week I will tell you if I get a new companion or not but well see.. The AP's said we probably wont get anyone new. So well have to work this big area like a boss!! Everything is going great lots of work going on!!! Thank you for everything - and have a GREAT WEEK!!

Elder Medrano
The couple next to me there were the ones that gave us the reference to him. 
They are a super good family and love the missionaries! 

Manuel's little boy! I love him so much!

His name is Manuel De Jesus Grullon Almonte baptized on 15 of February. He is my favorite convert and will be for my whole mission I think.. But we will see
 because there is a lot of work left to do.. 

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