Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Surprise Baptism

This week was great! We are really having trouble finding time for our Investigators! We have way too many for the time we have so we have to take out the ones that aren’t doing so well and replace them with the other ones. We can’t go out in the morning to our area where we have all of our investigator because we have to walk 45 mins and to have 1 or 2 lessons then walk all the way back for lunch... So with all our good investigators and more we have from 2:00 pm to 9:00 to teach them 7 hours is not enough time to teach everyone that we want to teach.. Now if we had cars that would be easy because then we can go out in the morning.. Ha but we don’t have a car.

We have a lot of Investigators that can’t read and so we have to read with them. We have one in particular that really loves us and loves to hear from us. But it is just so hard because he can’t read on his own so we don’t know how he is going to progress being able not to read.. We love him so much and he’s a great guy. He understands everything that we read and talk about and goes to church. But the thing is we can’t give him a commitment like to read The Book of Mormon or the folleto because he can’t read. We just can’t figure out what to do with him. I think he can get baptized but it will be a long time.

We are having a surprise baptism with one of our investigators! We have been teaching him for only 4 weeks and in the 4 weeks he has changed into a real man!! His name is Manuel 42 years old somewhere around that age.. He has read all the folletos and we have taught him everything and more. He would answer all the questions in the back of the folletos and look up the scriptures that it gives in the Bible and in The Book of Mormon. Last week he's been out of work because he is a taxi driver and his car broke down. So he has been fixing it. So he has been making us come by everyday the past week and he would read the folletos in the morning and look up the questions and read in The Book of Mormon. His only thing that was wrong with him is the Word of Wisdom. He has been smoking since he has been 14 years old and he read the Word of Wisdom folleto last Tuesday and he told us that he hasn’t picked up a cigarette since he read this Folleto. We asked him why? He told us "The folleto is the word of God and folleto said not to so I stopped smoking. Because for me, God is everything and if he wants the best for me, I am going to do the best for him" We were like WOW!!! ha Last week he showed so much desire to get baptized so we can start making covenents with God. He has been coming to church from mid December and has not missed a Sunday since. He told us " Because God is everything and i am going to put him before everything." We had a baptismal date with him for the 22 of March but he told us its to far and wants to get baptized sooner! We thought and prayed about it and we think he is ready to take a big step in his life. He has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon he loves the church he is not afraid to tell people he is Mormon because he rides with the Book in between his front windshield and the dash board so everyone can see it. He has a wife that sits in the lessons but never really participates just usually listens. But he doesn’t want to force her to get baptized. He has been praying for her to come to his baptism to feel the spirit. Because he believes that by him getting baptized that she will be able to feel the spirit and want to get baptized later on!! I believe that too. Because it has happened to so many people. 

I love this Gospel! I love being a missionary and watching these people do the best things for them. I love watching them change into new people. And I love teaching them!! I couldn’t be happier then where I am at right now!! Thank you for all the Prayers!!! Love you all!!


Elder Medrano

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