Wednesday, April 23, 2014

March 10- Stake Conference

Hope everyone is doing well at home! I had a great week. One of the highlights is that we had Stake Conference Saturday and Sunday. That was great, got to sit in an air conditioned building that look like a chapel in the states and feel the spirit impact my heart!! Nothing better in the world than that. There were some really good talks. Our President Rodriguez gave a talk and Hermana gave a little one on Sunday. That was really cool and we had 4 investigators show up. We weren’t expecting for any because when we were telling them about stake conference they said that they couldn’t go. But when we got picked up by the church bus (our Branch is 40 mins away from the stake center so the church let us rent a bus to take all the members together all in one trip) so when they picked us up there were two investigators on the bus but then 2 more showed up solo.. one of them that showed up, we have lost contact with her totally... We have stopped by here house like 6 times in a row different days but she is never home but when we talk to the family that gave her to us as a ref. says that she doesn’t go very far when she leaves her house so I don’t really know where she is going.. ha But she must go far enough to slip out of the vision of Los Misioneros.. ha she is lucky that we never see her in the streets because we own the streets here!! ha J She has a facha for baptism the 22 of March but I don’t think it will work out because she is still in the first lesson because she has disappeared from the world for 2 weeks.. ha 

Anyways in the Stake conference we had the privilege to listen to Elder Anderson talk twice he is our Area President. But wow does this man of God know how to talk with the spirit! He talk about praying and missionary work and what the rules are with every president of the ward deal is with missionary from Stake President all the way down to Members... but this Stake Conference was all about missionary work and how everyone should be a missionary in there wards. Which is SO true I thought missionaries did it all by themselves before I left on a mission. Like they had to go find their investigators and teach them and baptize them but its not like that! It’s all about the members! Members are the people that drive the missionary work! 

We didn’t really have a great week with lessons because a lot of people fired us.. But what I have learned on my missionis to have patience with people!! At the first of my mission I would get so frustrated when they fired us or didn’t want to take the lessons or didn’t really understand the gospel that we are teaching them. Because they just changed your plans completely and you walked all the way to there house to have a lesson or to teach them what you just studied this morning to help them understand a lot more easier.. and now its just like whatever I guess we'll just have to stop by tomorrow and well use the 30 mins that we had for them either for another person that we don’t have that day or we'll use it for contacting people.. 

I love this gospel and since I have been on the mission I have changed completely the little things that would make me so mad or frustrated its just like whatever man well just roll onnn with the things we have. JI love you guys so much and I pray for you often!! I hope you guys have a great week!! :) 


Elder Medrano