Friday, February 7, 2014

The Importance of the Gospel in the Home

This week Elder Hope and I had a great week! We had a great week with our investigators most all of them were at home when we came by which is amazing because most Dominican's say they will be there but then something happens and they are not. When we comeback they give us an explanation on why they weren’t there.. ha most of them lie and you can tell when they do because they are not good liars. We always want to call them out on it but we can’t because we need to be nice.. haha which is a good thing because I like being nice to the Dominican's!! Haha they are my people that I am here to serve. 
This week was full of really spiritual lessons then we had some run in's with some Evangelico's and had a little bible bashing's. I hate to talk bad on the Evangelico’s but I think they believe in their bible more than Jesus Christ.. Our first run in with the Evangelico's was with one of our investigators. We look at each other as they are walking up and say "Bueno" because they just had the look on their face like they meant bussiness.. ha This guy was telling us that we weren’t men of God and that we are big time sinners for what we are doing. Then he told us that we need to come to his church and repent so your sins are free.. haha and this is all he said before we could even say a word to him. We called him Hermano ohhhhh man he didn’t like that. He said ohh no we are not Hermanos we’re not even close to Hermanos because you are a sinner and pretty much saying that he was perfect. After a little bit of bible bashing we stopped talking to him and told our investigator we'll come by tomorrow when we can feel the spirit because I can’t feel it right now. She understood and was totally fine with it. We had 2 other ones but they weren't as bad as this one that I told you. 
Anyways more with our great week, we found 19 new investigators this week. That is apart from our activity that we had for references. As a district we got 36 references.  It’s already hard to fit everyone that we have on our agenda for the day and now we have to fit a lot more people. So this coming week is going to be a little difficult with planning our 19 new investigators and the 36 more references. So this coming week is going to be a lot of walking and figuring out what is the best way to fit all these people on our little time that we have to work. 
The Activity went really well but really weird at the same time because my companion and I got split up and he went with a member and I went with another member. So it was really weird not to have a missionary on my side teaching but it was a lot of fun because then you can really say what you want and go with the flow. So that was cool I met several new people and a lot of inactive members that I had no idea about in our ward. 
This week I was reading in D&C 68:25 and I used this scripture a lot this week. It talks about where the best place to practice the gospel at is in the FAMILY. Because when they get to the age of 8 that is when they can start making their own decisions and start figuring out their life and they can get baptized at the age of 8. It’s the best place to put the principles of the gospel early in the kid’s lives and they can live the gospel growing up. I congratulate everyone that has taught the gospel in their homes and with a young family.  The central part of God’s plan is to have a family and teach his teaching! I am grateful for my life and I want to thank my mom for teaching the gospel while I was young because who knows where I would be right now.
 I want to leave a challenge with everyone that reads this email to have more prayers as a family and maybe before you do this try sharing a little scripture. Because I know if you do this your family will become closer together. I understand it might be hard to find the time when everyone is home or maybe even the time at all but it will take 10 minutes out of the day maybe even less. I know the spirit will be more in your life and that your day will go smoother. It will bring so much more happiness in your day. 
 Thank you for all your support and the many prayers. I am so blessed to be serving the Lord right now and there is nothing I want to be doing in my life than this! I love the mission and love you all. Have a great week and keep pushing with the gospel!! 
Elder Medrano