Tuesday, January 28, 2014

References and Strong Spiritual Lessons

Well this week was AMAZING!!! We had a lot of good spiritual lessons with our investigators! I wish I could tell you guys how much the spirit has been in my life this week. I don’t know how or why! But to be honest I really do think it’s because I am following the rules the best I can! I can testify that when you are obedient with the rules the spirit is with you so much more!! I know last week I was complaining about my companion how he follows the rules so much but I love him for that because I have felt the spirit so much more and our lessons when we are obedient to the rules are so much better and much more powerful with the spirit! 
We had interviews this week with President Rodriguez and it was way cool! I really am excited for the new mission president to come in but I am really sad that Rodriguez is leaving because he is the sweetest and nicest guy ever!! He is like a huge teddy bear!! Haha that’s the best way I could put it but I am really sad he is leaving because he has really whipped this mission back into shape! We found out who our new president will be and his name is President Nuckos. He is from California and he’s super excited to serve and come down here. He knows Spanish already because he served in Spain and he also knows French because he lived in France I believe for 3 years. His wife does not know Spanish yet but being in a Spanish speaking mission she will learn fast! ha 
Well our stake is doing these activities every Saturday for references so all the missionaries that are in Los Alcorrizos meets at the chapel of that ward that we are doing it that week and members meet to and they bring references to the church and each member takes a pair of missionaries and go out and contact those references and then we invite them to church the next day... we have been doing this activity for 3 weeks in a row every Saturday teaching the gospel for the missionaries in that ward and they get all the new investigators.. but it is cool to see a new area and talk to new people. This coming Saturday is our branches (we don’t have a ward yet) turn to bring the references in.. soo  I guess we will see how that goes this Saturday. Yesterday we had a devotional about how to have a good reference and we didn’t think anyone was going to show up but everyone from our branch showed up and it was great and they all learned how to have a good ref. haha well we hope they learned! 
Yesterday after we had the devotional we taught an investigator that lives next to the church. We just dropped a little boche about not reading the folletos that we give her and her mom.. but she said she would read before we come back so I guess we will see how that goes this friday. Then we went to this old guys house that we have been teaching for awhile but we haven’t taught him for a while so we went over there to set a next lesson for when we can come by and teach him.. Well the wife invited us in and she said that he went to go get something but he is coming back right now.. so we said okay we will just wait for a little bit.. I wasn’t planning on teaching but I asked her about her family and she said they were all dead and lived with God right now. So I got this impression that I should share with her the gospel and start a lesson so then the husband arrived and he sat down and I didn’t want to do a lesson but then we got on to the topic of why there are so many churches on the earth right now. She has a hard catholic background and she knew the bible really well. So after we kind of got talking about why there are so many churches I had a huge spiritual impression that I should start a lesson and then talk about why there are so many churches. So I stopped the whole conversation and we started with a prayer. Then we continued with our conversation and it turned out to be a huge spiritual experience for me and the spirit was with us so strong!! My companion and I explained why there are so many churches in the world then we gave her the restoration folleto and told her to read it and she said she would because she loves to read!! haha I really hope she reads and we can catch her again to teach her because I think that she could be a really good member of the church of Jesus Christ!!
Well that’s what kind of happened this week! J Thank you for the prayers and everything you all do for me!! 

Elder Medrano

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