Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Area

Well here I am..  I landed in Los Alcarrizos in Pedro Brand!! I like it a lot but I did not like the change that I had... because I really liked my old area, my companion and the other set of missionaries that I lived with. But now I am in a house with all Americans. My new companion is Elder Hope.. he is pretty cool he walks really fast like I mean really fast.  I don’t really like to walk fast so sometimes he leaves me behind because I like to walk at a good pace not 100 mph... ha But I guess that I am starting to get use to it and starting to keep up with him. Because our area is 45 mins away from the house and in the sun I’m tired when we get there, I’ll need to try and slow him down.. ha My house gets a little awkward at times because I like to make some jokes and  joke around to add some humor.  I made a joke that was pretty funny (I thought) but nobody laughed or even smiled. So either the joke was really dumb or these people are just way to serious and don’t like to have some fun... haha but they are starting to warm up to my sense of humor. I guess we will see how the next week goes.. I suggested that we should run across the roofs one night and see how far we can go just on roofs and they all looked at me like I was an idiot and said is that illegal? I said well I guess it might be but if people can walk down the streets shooting their guns and not get into trouble I don’t think jumping on the roofs to see how far we can go is any worse than that.. ha But I guess that was a no from them and didn’t sound very fun to them.. ha The house that I live in is a lot bigger than the one in Manoguyabo.. but it doesn’t have 24 hour light and water.. I take that back it does have 24 hour water but it trickles out of the shower.  Here the lights are on a schedule when we get power right now it comes on from 11 pm through 8 am and then it comes back during lunch time from 1 pm through 6 pm. I don’t know what the other schedule it but will find out as I think the schedule changes next week.   My new area is “campoish” but still in the city we are on the out skirts of the city.. but considered in the “campo”.. ha 

I met a lot of great families that our in our branch. There is one that is so cool la familia Cross and they are like the parents for the missionaries and love to take care of them. I don’t know if it’s because they wanted it to happen to their girls when they go on missions. Two of their girls are leaving on missions in the beginning of February.. which is way cool!! I really want to grow close to that family because they feed us whenever we go over there, but most of allI want to help their other kids go on missions. I also met a family that is as great as the Cross family, La familia Martinez, the dad loves to go out with the missionaries he bears his testimony every time which is more like a talk... ha it’s like a 15 minute testimony. We aren’t going to stop him because he must feel the spirit strongly.. ha he gives us a ride back to our house at night which is super nice because by the time we get to his house we are like 55 mins away from our house.

The church is a little building on the second floor, it is not a ward yet it’s still a branch because there are not enough families and members yet to make a ward but there are a lot of primary kids!! haha thats forsure. We have a lot of investigators and families that show up to church and are really close to baptism but they need to get married first.. the biggest problem in this country the marriage!!! ha but we are working through that and getting close with a couple of investigators!
I’m on a strict schedule with the computer because the other missionaries need their time.  I love everyone and miss you all.  Talk next week. 
Elder Medrano

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