Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Years

 I am a little late e-mailing because as a zone we went down to what is called a “play down here” (baseball field). We played baseball as a zone and it was so much fun to get back on the dirt!! I really do miss playing when I am standing on the baseball field but then right when I step off I am just fine it’s so weird that it works like that... I definitely wish that I could be playing high school, I know they are practicing this time of year and hitting in the cages!! I sure wish I could play again... I have been really thinking about what I want to do in college and in my life lately.  I don’t know why I have forgotten about home and now just going with the flow of the mission. It has crossed my mind of coming back down here and train with the Dominicans and working hard and going to College here. I have lived down here for two years already with out any electronics I think I can do it for a little bit longer with electronics to talk to home 24/7. I think it would be a lot of fun coming down here to train for baseball because we always see them running or working out we never see them in the streets I swear they live in the Play or in the GYM working out. But that is a year and half away so we will see where my thoughts are after that.
The New Year’s dinner was alright... We had our Bishops wife bring us dinner.. haha The pie my companion made was really good it was an oreo pie with chocolate pudding in the center of it.. It was a good taste from America!! Ohhh and the neighbors loved our dinner we made for them!! They were really surprised that we could cook so dang good!! haha they called us Dominicanos haha yep I guess I am Dominican now but speak gringo Spanish.. ha We cooked rice with coconut chicken, pasta salad, and natural juice balls of Yuka. But it was pretty good!! I will cook it when I get home, but after a couple of months that is.. ha 
Our investigators are doing well. We haven’t seen our really good investigators for a while because they are in the campo visiting their family. But they are all coming back this week so it will be good to get in touch with them again and she how they are doing and how much of the gospel that have kept with them while they have been away.. 
We have been working really hard to find new investigators that we can start teaching and we have found some really good prospects! We have one area that we are waiting to contact that we believe is going to be the Mormon Bomb!!! We really think that this street has a lot of potential to be baptized but we are waiting until the Holidays are over so we can get back to normal and everyone is at home and at work again! Today is the last Holiday Dia de los Reyes so everyone will be out partying because it is the last holiday until April really. After today we think it will start to pick back up with our investigators and finding new people. We are really excited for the Mormon Bomb street that we have been waiting for at least two weeks to contact. We contacted the first couple of houses on the street, but of course they all said that they were busy because it’s the holidays, but they said to come back. We told them that we would pass by again after the holidays are over.. We really are excited about that area.. 
We finally got one of our inactive members back to church. We have been working hard to get her to come back to church and she finally did yesterday and she is way chill! She left the church because she read some things on the internet about the church and she had some problems with some of the girls in the ward. But she came back and she looked really happy!! We were trying to get her to go bear her testimony but she wouldn’t do it. But she is so nice and seems like she loves to be back we have another cita with her tomorrow so we will see how she felt being back. Keep your fingers crossed and Pray hard!! 
That’s all that has happened this past week. Nothing to exciting just been working like a missionary of course! :) Oh and yesterday while we were fasting we were fasting from English too... ha yeah what an experience. It was pretty quiet between my companion and I.. ha but it was fun. Thank everyone for the love and support!! 

Elder Medrano
The dinner that we cooked for our neighbors and now they call us Dominicanos! 

The signs of walking way too much..

This is my companion swinging the bat at the field today

The picture with the Hermana is my mom in the mission because when you get come into the mission field you get a dad which is your trainer and then your mom is the oldest missionary girl in your zone that your born into... ha so she is called my "mom". 

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