Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Are you guys from Utah??

All is going well here. Just the same old stuff has been happening. I had 5 pairs of pants made by the local tailor and everyone calls them Dominican pants because the Dominicans make them a little tighter at the bottom instead of loose which I do like a lot and they fit amazing! 

The food is good here. It’s the same chicken all the time, but we are mixing it up every day because everyone is getting sick of the rice and beans.

Ohhh yes yesterday I was at church and a normal church day right?? But after church was over the second counselor came up to me and ask if I can give a talk next sunday..... ummmm haha obivously I couldnt say no because I am a missionary, so I said yes and now I have to prepare for a talk where I don’t even know how to speak spanish... ha but I guess we will see what happens in a week. 

One day we were trying to find a less active member that is in the ward.  We were in a huge apartment complex ha yeah it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.. but our first door that we contacted was a mom and we introduced ourselves and ask her if she knew these people that we were looking for and she said no - of course.. ha but the next thing she said is “are you guys from Utah??” we looked at each other we were like what the heck nothing like that happens; then she said that her daughter studied at Utah State for a little while and that she wanted us to come in to meet her. So we did and we ended up having a lesson with her and she obviously knew a little bit about that church because she lived in Utah.. and this whole lesson was in English!! ha it was a great break from Spanish that’s for sure. I taught all of the lesson and we both walked out of her house and we both look at each other and we both said at the same time "did you feel the spirit in there" and the spirit was so so so so strong while we were teaching it was unbelievable how strong it was!!! She is open to talk to us and she wanted to know more, it was just a great experience that involved the spirit so strongly!! 

I’m sure there will be more experiences next week – wish me luck with my talk in Church!


Elder Medrano
We found this spot in our area by accident. 
I know I know my hair is long... I'm getting it cut tomorrow!

These are my jeans for the mission. Still dress pants! :)

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