Monday, November 4, 2013

White Wash

Hello there!!
Wow sounds like a lot is going on!! Too much to handle sometimes because it is crazy to think how much is going on there and nothing really too new here just new companions and stuff... but thats the usual around 6 weeks every time. Yes the time does seem fast but at the same time its really slow because I am out here trying my hardest to speak the language here. Understanding isnt my problem because I can understand a lot of the conversation, its just the talking is the hardest part for me. I have 21 months left and it seems like a long time! ha seems longer when your companion is 19 months in his mission. I did get a new companion. I’ll tell you more about him later. I miss the Halloween parties so much that was my favorite seeing all the kids dressed up and having them come down to the house. They do not celebrate Halloween down here so its kind of boring! But am going to celebrate thats for sure. haha we celebrate everything on the mission.. even if its just a letter, we celebrate haha 
WOW that is crazy about the last two World Series games,  I dont really hear much about baseball, ever since I was transferred to a new area I don’t have a contact to keep me updated on the games.  In my old area we would stop into a store to get water and the owner of the store was really into baseball and he would give us updates on the games. I’ll have to find me a contact in my new area.  Dang sounds like a crazy world series!! I wish I could watch them, but just think I only miss one more world.
Well I got a new companion (Elder Mooney from Cedar Hills, Utah) and my new area is Manoguayabo B.  Because I got a new companion and a new area they say I got “white washed”. Its hasn’t been fun this past week because you really have to start from scratch and you have to find all the old investigators that the other elders were teaching and you have to learn a new area. We got lost a lot this week because there are a lot of little roads that can be taken to a house.  I am so lucky that I got another companion that knows how to speak spanish.. ha and he is really good at teaching!! I cant believe how he can bring the spirit in so quickly to our lessons he uses a lot of examples so that people will understand and he is a really hard working which is great! Nothing better than a great companion and a hard worker!! Our first day out was good we walked a lot because we were trying to find everything. But we found a member that took us around and showed us where most of the members lived and where some of the investigators that they were teaching livedThis member was so great and it saved us time trying to recreate everything.  He was with us for almost 3 days.  This was crazy because they usually dont do that, but that was a great blessing and saved us so much time.  

Sorry nothing really to crazy happen this week because we were working hard to find everything and everybody but I am sure that there will be something better next week.
Love you very much!! and always will!! tell every hi back!! 
Elder Medrano

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