Thursday, December 5, 2013

DR Thanksgiving and Moving

Yes I was homesick over Thanksgiving but all the holidays I’m homesick even if we don’t celebrate them here – there are plenty of missionaries from the states that we don’t forget the holidays.  I just think I have one more to go and then I will almost be done with my mission J

The temperature here doesn’t change much it is always around 85 degrees just the humidity changes.  I can’t really complain about the temp but I really do like the cold and skiing!!! It is going to drive me crazy to know it is snowing and I’m not up there on that slope!!! 

We do have two baptisms scheduled this week but we don’t know if it will happen because they have to get married first and they have been planning it for a while but they don’t have the money.  We don’t have any new investigators, it isn’t that we haven’t tried but contacting is just terrible here because nobody is ever home. It is light until about 9 at night and they are usually out on the street or out in the backyard.  They know the people that knock on the door are usually missionaries because others just usually walk in.  When there is a knock they won’t come to the door.  We are trying really hard to find new investigators but we aren’t having any luck.

This past week we moved one of our investigators out of their house into another one and they had a lot of stuff that was in their tiny house, more than I think they could fit in a smaller house. But it took from 9 in the morning tell 2 in the afternoon.  It took 2 truckloads to move all of their stuff to the other house. Two truckloads may not seem a lot but you should have seen how small the house was they are moving into.  People here love to keep everything – nothing gets thrown away.  It was only myself, my companion and another member that helped.  I have got to say Dominicans are some of the most relaxed people and nicest people at the same time.  They bought us a lot of water and Gatorade because we were sweating so bad carrying their stuff up and down stairs. This happened on a Saturday before Fast Sunday.  We start our fast after lunch on Saturday and go through Sunday lunch ohhhh man I was dead tired and hungry after we moved them... we finally got back home showered as quickly as we could and hit the streets again but in dress clothes this time. ha Ohhhhhh man that was the most tiring day I have had on the mission so far.  But we kept energized knowing that Monday was P-day and that’s what all the missionaries look forward too. ha But all is good now and they loved us so much because we helped with the move.  They told us they would do anything for us if we ever needed something just to give them a call.

Thanksgiving was great we had Pic a pollo which is just chicken and rice but they cook it a different way. So my Thanksgiving dinner was some chicken, rice and a little bit of mashed potato’s. haha so nothing like the states.. at least I got to eat.  We made it fun because they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here.

It was transfers this past week, I remained with the same companion.  Actually the whole Zone remained the same, there were only two new missionaries added to our Zone because there are missionaries that are going home. I am still in the same ward and same house and have the same investigators. I was so glad because I LOVE my ward and the members as well as my companion.  I was really worried that I was going to be asked to train this transfer, I was glad it didn’t happen because I am still not to comfortable with Spanish as I would like to be but it is coming a long and hopefully by this next transfer I can have it down.

Tell everyone hi and that I love them – talk to you next week.


Elder Medrano

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