Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursdays, Thursdays, Thursdays

Hey guys! Thursday are my P-days. Just to let you know. Ha because I am sure that you have been wondering if I have died or not. But don't worry I have not died I am hanging in here. I have had a couple of times where I have thought "why am I here" but then I remember I am here to give up my time for two years to serve my Lord. And I know by me being here it is giving you guys many blessings and I know that this is what the Lord wants me to do in my life "to become a real man" to what Papy says. Haha I am so grateful to be here in every way. I have never felt the spirit in my life so much then this last week or so. I am so excited to serve in the people in the RD. The last week has been really long. The first three days felt like it was 3 years but the days started to go by a lot quicker and faster. I know once I get fluent with the language that the days will fly by and I will be home before you know it (hopefully). I am glad that you are doing okay and not crying too hard. I can say that I have cried only once and it was one tear. So I don't miss you guys to much. Just kidding I miss you guys a lot!

Okay to all the questions you have my days are really busy we have classes from 7:30 in the morning to 9:30 at night. So they are freakishly long so it makes it seem like 6 weeks is 2  years away. Yes, I have been assigned a companion he's from southern Cali and he is way cool and nice. He's 20 though which is kind of weird but he doesn't seem like he is 20 because I am like 6 inches taller then him which is funny. But anyways he is a way cool, nice kid and he knows a lot about the language so he helps me out a lot. I don't really know how the language is coming along but there are some things that I struggle on like trying to come up with questions for the investigator (we've already taught two leccións in Espanol to our teacher) that went well but I struggle on answering back to the questions and how to phrase them in my head. So hopefully I will get better at that! My P-days are on Thursdays in the CCM (MTC). I have already done my laundry once haha I am sure that you are proud of me. Yes I am way happy its fun the teacher are so nice and humble and they will help you with anything you have to ask. Sometimes I feel like I miss you guys. Well I will always miss you guys but they make sure to keep that off your mind a lot with the huge schedule they have for you. 

The people here are AWESOME they are so fun and so so so nice and humble. Like right now there is a random Dominican across the hall that is singing so loud. I think it was our second day here we learned how to bare our testimonies in Spanish and so our teachers made us go outside and bare our testimonies in Spanish to 3 people. They all knew that we were new at speaking the language with bad grammar. But that built my testimony so much and it keeps building everyday that I am here. 

Love, Elder Medrano

Don't worry mom I know what to do. Haha just kidding thanks for telling me!! To be honest I was not hungry at all when it was fast Sunday. I thought that I would maybe die of starvation but no ended up that I was never hungry. So mom you did prepare me perfectly!!!

My mission president, Presidente Freestone, and his wife

My little district. The guy in front of me is my companion

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