Friday, August 16, 2013

The Temple and Crazy Drivers

4 more weeks in the CCM! I’m excited to get out because you are inside for the whole day. But everyday we get to go outside for an hour and play basketball or whatever we want. I haven’t yet thrown with a kid. I really need to because I can just feel my shoulder getting weaker and weaker.
The computers here aren’t the best and they are not the fastest things, but they work and I’m glad to be writing home. 
I have not received any letters yet but I think they come today and hopefully I will get them today!! We’ll see. Some how you need to find a way to send me stamps so I can mail things back. I can’t get US stamps here in the DR. But if you mail them they somehow stop the mail and take the stamps out so you need to find away to send me some. PLEASE!
Yes I have been to the temple two times in fact. The CCM (MTC)  is on the same grounds as the temple is so its nice we can walk around it anytime we want. We can only go to the temple on P days, which stinks, but hey at least we can go to the temple and it’s so close. I’ve done sealings which is a GREAT experience. You can feel the spirit in that little room so much. At one point everybody even me was crying. I have also done endowments of course and those are amazing experiences too. The temple here is beautiful! It’s not a white outside stone color its like a sand color. It’s so pretty and its even more beautiful inside and even in all the rooms!! 
There are four boys to a room, my companion and two others boys. We sleep on bunk beds and they are the squeakiest things you'll ever here!! Every time you turn it makes a little squeak. They just put new support boards because their was only one holding the kid above you up. Yeah talk about sketchy!! And they kid above me is probably twice my weight and yeah I am on the bottom bunk. 
My companion is a cool guy! We’re pretty good friends. I am still struggling with Spanish but I know I will get the hang of it later and it will come. So I’m not too worried, but just disappointed that I’m not better at Spanish. 
The showers here suck ha. You’ll be in the shower with soap on your body and the water pressure will turn off ha so you have to sit there for a little bit and wait for it to kick back on. It’s going to feel weird when I am at home with good water pressure. It’s going to feel like rocks are hitting me. There’s no hot water just room temp water. Sometimes you’ll take a shower with the water just barely coming out of the shower head. 
Food is the same as always, chicken and plenty of rice. My stomach is doing just great haha
We went to the store today. Yeah we went out of the temple gates into the real world. It’s crazy out there. The people that drive are CRAZY!! It’s fun to watch them though. If your car doesn’t have a working horn you might as well not drive. They use their horns a lot here so you always hear car horns going off. We walked to the store and its probably 2 blocks away and by the time I got there I was sweating from every part of my body!! It’s crazy humid here. Not hot just really humid! 
I’m glad everyone is doing okay and everybody is safe. Sounds like you guys are having fun though. Please send me stamps somehow haha
Love, Elder Medrano

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  1. Sounds like he's doing great! What a good kid. :) Thanks for keeping us posted, Tracy. You're such a good sis.